Are you a US buyer who is exempt from your state’s sales tax? If so, do not purchase your books from this web store directly. We can't refund just the sales tax; we have to issue you a full refund and start over.

Because of how our online store (Big Cartel) processes orders, orders from groups exempt from US sales tax (like libraries) have to be handled individuallyby  taking your payment information over the phone. Please email us at [email protected] with (1) documentation of your tax exemption for our records, (2) a phone number and times when we can call you to complete the transaction, and (3) your complete shipping address. Thanks for your understanding.

Some institutions (like libraries) have told us that buying from us directly does not work with how they purchase books. For those who find themselves in this situation, consider working with Eastview, an established vendor for many institutions, who have all of our in-stock books for sale marked up in price (we do not offer wholesale discounts, to keep our list price affordable to as many individuals as possible). See their product page here.