• Image of Atlas of Design, Volume 1 Reprint
  • Image of Atlas of Design, Volume 1 Reprint

Depending on the laws of your country, customs duties may be due when you receive your book.

Due to popular demand, Volume 1 of the Atlas of Design has been reprinted, with an all new layout revised to match the format of Volumes 2 through 4!

Please note that orders usually ship once per week.

If you're outside of the United States and would like to order more than 4 copies, please contact us at atlas@nacis.org for a special shipping estimate!

Because of how our online store (BigCartel) processes orders, orders from groups exempt from US sales tax (like libraries) have to be handled individually. Please email us at atlas_orders@nacis.org with (1) documentation of your tax exemption for our records (2) a phone number and times when we can call you to complete the transaction, and (3) your complete shipping address. Thanks for your understanding.

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